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The Medium has made back its costs in less than a week

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The Medium was a really good game. Having finished it recently, I will be the first to attest to its quality and in an industry that so often throws quality horror experiences to the dirtiest corner of Steam (at least in modern times). Bloober Team is one of the finest horror game developers working today, so knowing that their latest game has done so well… well, that’s soul food right there.

According to Polish publication Money.pl, Bloober Team has confirmed that they’ve already made back all their development and marketing costs, and from here it’s easily sailing into the high seas of profit!


Which is made all the more impressive by the fact that the game is “free” to so many folks who subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, made possible by the fact that it’s an Xbox Series X/S exclusive. The Medium tells the story of Marianne who has the ability to see and commune with spirits, even being able to transport herself to another plane of existence to do so.


We really liked The Medium over on Critical Hit. Noelle wrote in her review, “You’ll be playing – and probably replaying – the game to immerse yourself in its potent atmosphere, and to get a better grip on a compelling story that likes to slip from your grasp.

At the same time, the mix of gameplay elements, Marianne’s evolving mission, and game length just keep things from feeling samey. After the year-end glut of boisterous open-world games that demand at least 50 hours of investment, The Medium is a palate cleanse. It’s a bite-size block of 85% cacao chocolate; dark, bitter, and with a taste that lingers.

Last Updated: February 1, 2021

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