Let the pain begin – R999 games arriving

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Doom and Gloom

I was sent a message from Flameboy yesterday afternoon and have been drowning my sorrows ever since… It seems that the day we warned you about last year has come and Mi Digital are now recommending that it’s AAA titles be sold for R999

Moody from ZAPS has been posting on the local Xbox forums that in the latest price list the following titles have a R999 RRP

Lost Odyssey
Ninja Gaiden
Fable 2
Gears 2
Your In The Movies
Halo Wars

Now what really gets me is that four of those have already been released and two of them are really old, in video game terms.

Before you go completely off the high side though remember that a RRP (Recommended Retail Price) is exactly that, it’s a recommendation and is not always followed by the retailers vying for our business.

The prices are going up though and that is a fact, added to that the huge increase in hardware prices and I have to say that the PS3 is starting to look like a cheap way to get into gaming.

I am also a little disappointed with Microsoft on this one as we had an interview with John Press, Product and Marketing Manager, last year and in that interview he did state that we won’t be seeing prices rise to R999.

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Since then it has become obvious that we aren’t going to be hit as hard by this economic downturn and that our exchange rate isn’t going to bottom out. Oil prices have plummeted and rates have dropped. So what caused this turn around?

Don’t worry though, we will be following up with Microsoft again and will hopefully bring you more details later in the day.

*Remember this is only related to titles distributed by Mi Digital and SterKinekor, Megarom and EA Games are doing their utmost to ensure that their prices remain reasonable. So if all else fails buy an EA Game, SK or Megarom title (look for the stickers).

Last Updated: January 9, 2009

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