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Let's Hassle the Hoff

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David Hasselhoff has been posting on the official PlayStation forums which is surprising for two reasons…

First how on Earth does the Hoff manage to pop up absolutely everywhere and which deranged lunatic thought of putting him in his own game?

The Hoff was posting to announce that he is actually going to be making a guest appearance in that addictive PSN mini-game PAIN…

Yes you are going to get the chance to fling David into all manner of obstacles and cause pure wanton destruction. If you haven’t picked up PAIN yet then this makes it an absolute necessity.

Click through to read the Hoff explain his reasoning on why he wanted to be smashed into brick walls and exploding barrels…

He loved the game so much he also recorded a new soundtrack for it, be still my beating heart.

So if you are in the slightest bit interested in hearing David Hasselhoff sing “Do you really want to hurt me” then make sure you are around for Hoff Day on the 6th of November.

Source: Playstation Forums

Last Updated: October 23, 2008

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