Level-5 to reveal PS4 exclusive at E3 2015

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Level 5

Level-5 puts out some pretty awesome games, including the Professor Layton series on Nintendo handheld. They’ve also made RPGs that harken back to the golden age for the genre, including Ni No Kuni and the White Knight Chronicles. But it seems their sleeves are filled with yet more cards.

While we knew that they were working on a new, old-school RPG for all platforms, it seems that there’s an exclusive in the works. Apparently during a livestream, CEO Akihiro Hino confirmed that the company will show a new PS4 RPG at E3 2015. It makes sense, then, why they don’t have a stand at E3 next year – if they can piggy back off of Sony’s massive stand with an exclusive, they can get a lot more attention than being hidden away in a corner somewhere.

I can’t believe that we’re already starting to build hype for E3 next year. It’s 200 days away, and people are already talking about what announcements we can expect in LA. As much as I enjoyed E3, and I think it’s a wonderful place for developers to show off their games, I still think that there would be a lot more attention for some smaller games if they were put on show earlier or later in the year. With so much focus on the “core” titles at E3, I think a lot of things get lost in the shuffle.

Is E3 a big event for you? One that excites you as you get to see all the major reveals? Personally, I enjoyed Gamescom more this year, mainly because of the hands-on times I got with games I really wanted. That said, I also got some excellent hands-on time at E3. But because I was on the ground, I was able to compare more than just press conferences, which is generally the comparison point for people who don’t get to attend the event. Are you ready to build the hype again for next year’s E3, or are you too busy playing the games that were promoted for this year’s holiday season?

Last Updated: November 28, 2014

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