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LG turns up the heat on Sony, confiscating PS3’s from homes

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Things are turning serious in the Netherlands at the moment with LG currently looking like they are winning the court case against Sony in a big way.

Tomorrow LG are going back to court and by the sounds of it are going to ask the judge to approve the destruction of those thousands of PS3’s that the court has ordered to be locked in a warehouse… not only that but apparently the court order also allows the police to enter people’s homes and confiscate PS3’s already purchased.

If that sounds absolutely insane then we are on the same wave length here and I cannot for the life of me see LG actually acting on that. People would instantly hate LG no matter how legally correct they may be.

But on a more disturbing note the United States international trade commission has also accepted a demand by LG to investigate the same claims over there.

If the same thing happens in America then it would be reasonable to expect LG to follow the same legal route in every country in the world effectively blocking all future sales of the PS3 and financially crippling Sony.

So why don’t Sony just accept LG’s claims and pay them out? Well apparently the pay out is in the hundreds of millions of dollars which would once again severely disrupt the cash flow of Sony and instantly put pay to any PS3 price cut for the next millennia.

For Sony’s part they are claiming the lawsuit is entirely unwarranted and that the issue is only temporary… lets see if the judge agrees.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: March 10, 2011

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