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Life with Playstation Now Available

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Yesterday some people managed to get hold of Life with Playstation. I sat down and tried for over an hour to get Folding at Home to update to Life with Playstation but had no luck.

It was later revealed by Sony that it was a mistake and that it shouldn’t have gone up. I wondered if that meant that the official launch of Life with Playstation was just around the corner. Well a day later, it is here and it has been released simultaneously worldwide.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with “Life with Playstation”, it is a new lifestyle service that gives PS3 owners a new way to access news and information from around the world.

The update comes in at 126mb and is slightly slow because everybody is currently downloading it simultaneously. I have sat and played around with it and I must say that it is looking brilliant. News has never fascinated me like this before.

The visuals and sounds are amazing and I like that you can play music while browsing the news of the world. It is very quick and smooth and I had no issues with the long load times.

Life with Playstation has really turned out well and Sony definitely deserves congratulations on this one.

source: PSU

Last Updated: September 18, 2008

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