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Light our darkest hour, with the Metal Gear Rising Collector’s Edition

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One decent way to fight piracy, is with collector’s editions of games, as releasing a new title with tons of goodies and manuals for an extra cost, is usually a popular move. Some are great, like the Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2 CEs, others are tame, like the Prototype 2 Blackwatch CE, and then you get the bizarre, like this CE that has just been announced for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

The upcoming hack ‘n slasher starring a cyborg Raiden has been revived thanks to Platinum studios, and it’s looking pretty damn slick so far. Of course, all that action and adrenaline needs to be encapsulated within a worthy receptacle, and what better, than a lamp?

That’s not a typo.

It's a friggin' lamp!

Alongside the actual game and a soundtrack CD, players will get the “High Frequency Plasma Lamp”, modelled after the blade that Raiden wields in the game. Because, lamp. Words fail me right now.

There’s no price on it yet, but can you really slap a tag on something so elegantly tacky? Yes, yes you can. Metal Gear Rising will illuminate our dank gaming dens, next year in February on Xbox360 and PS3, with a PC release following later.

Last Updated: September 28, 2012

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