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Lightning straps Moogles to her lady lumps

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I love Moogles. I remember old school Final Fantasy games when you could even get Mog to join your party, or when you had to find all the Moogles hidden around the world. They are awesome and help define Final Fantasy games – it’s no wonder they’re part of what make FFXIV awesome. This, though, is just weird.

The Lightning Returns demo has become available to those in Japan. Those who have the demo, can also purchase additional costumes for Lightning. Now, I’d just like to point out that these are meant to give unique powers to our newly-buxom heroine. Similar to classes, these outfits determine Lightning’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses. I’m really curious what powers this costume could possible bestow, though.

Moogle lightning 1
Moogle lightning 2

What is that, Kupo? Those poor Moogles. I call racism – you can’t use these little guys as a shield! I really wonder about this game – FFXIII was already a fail, and it just seems to be getting worse the more I hear about Lightning Returns. I seriously hope that this game can prove me wrong and turns out to be awesome, or I fear for the direction Square Enix is moving.

Last Updated: November 28, 2013

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