League of Legends limited skins make their return

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League of Legends players listen up. Riot Games has announced that some limited edition skins will be available again, for a..uh… limited time only.

  • The harrowing pack of 2010 and 2011 will be available in October 2013, for those without calendars right now. The Harrowing packs from 2010 and 2011 includes such lovely skins as Zombie Ryse, Pumpkinhead Fidddlesticks and one of my favourites, Bewitching Nidalee (and more!)


  • The Snowden Showdown skins from 2009 and 2010 will be available during December 2013. This lovely pack has beauties such as Santa Gragas, Earnest Elf Tristanna and Happy Elf Teemo etc.


  • The Winter Games skins from 2010 will be available in February 2014. With the Winter games skins are included the talents of Vancouver Amumu, Team Spirit Anivia and Union jack Fiddlesticks etc.


  • The last set of skins is from the World Cup 2010 and will be available in June 2014. It includes Striker Ezreal, All-star Akali and Goalkeeper Blitzcrank etc.


All of these skins will only be available for the one month that they are scheduled for, so if you want all of them you better start saving up some RP. I know that I don’t have enough for Nidalee.

For all the original buyers out there Riot Games have not forgotten about you. If you bought these skins when they were originally available you will be receiving the RP amount that is equivalent to the price of you paid for the skin, vintage treatment whenever you use the skin in the loading screen and an exclusive summoner’s icon.

Along with the announcement that these skins will be available again Riot has also announced that these skin packs along with others can be used in the future and will at those times be available in the LoL shop. If these skins along with other skins are made available again they will be made available without compensation to the original buyers.

I know that my mouse is already dreading the games to come in order for me to save up enough RP for that Bewitching Nidalee, seriously I am not at all good at LoL.

Last Updated: October 14, 2013

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