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Lindsay Lohan is going after GTA V

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Lindsay Lohan describes herself as very open-minded. Which would explain how her brain fell out.

Former child star and regular visitor to the Betty Ford clinic Lindsay Lohan isn’t too chuffed with GTA V, claiming that the game has made unauthorised use of her likeness.

According to TMZ via PlayerAttack, Lohan is scrambling her lawyers in order to squeeze “some serious money” out of developer Rockstar.

Lohan’s camp is claiming that the game features her image in three ways:

  • Escorting actress Lacey Jonas away from the paparazzi
  • Taking hidden photographs of an actress at the fictional version of the Chateau Marmont, a hotel that Lohan frequently visits.
  • Cover and promotional art which alledgeldy bears a striking resemblance to Lohan.

However, according to the Daily Dot, British Actor and model Shelby Welinder was the visual inspiration for those bikini-clad marketing images, when she presented pay cheques from Rockstar to prove this.

I honestly can’t see this matter going further than another drunken rant from the problematic actress, who has joined a recent trend of former child stars going completely mental and performing outrageous stunts.

That, and in just a few years from now, a drug and alcohol bloated Lohan will actually resemble at least one GTA V character…

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Last Updated: December 2, 2013

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