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Link gets creative with a bow and arrows in new Breath of the Wild gameplay

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Breath of the Wild bow and arrow gameplay 2

Nintendo is having a lot of fun lately with The Legend of Zelda. Not on;y is it strange to see so much gameplay footage released so frequently, it’s also neat to see the weird little rivalry that’s formed between Nintendo’s European and American Twitter accounts. They’re just spurring each other on, releasing new snippets of combat, exploration and more to one up the other. And this time it’s Europe’s turn, with a look at Link shooting some arrows.

The bow and arrows are a staple in most Legend of Zelda games, and their importance in Breath of the Wild can’t be overstated. Link will have access to a variety of different arrow types (as is customary), with regulars like fire, ice and more. There are also bomb arrows now too – explosive tipped arrows that cause gorgeous and destructive mayhem wherever they land. Just look what Link does to a nearby enemy camp with just one.

Breath of the Wild has an extremely physical world, so it’s pleasant to see the different ways you can approach a situation from range. Link can bring down structures with the right shots, while also earning himself combat advantages in the heat of the moment. Literally too, as he uses a fire arrow to burn an enemy’s shield before engaging him with ice arrows and a sword. Enemy variety will keep you thinking more like this as you explore, making full use of your entire inventory too.

So you can rest assured that you’ll be making use of your bow just as much as regular swords and magical runes, both of which already have similar gameplay videos up. I’m hoping to see something a lot more substantial when Nintendo reveals their NX console next month – and fully believe Breath of the Wild will be one of its launch games.

Last Updated: August 29, 2016


  1. I hate reading these articles. ‘Cause this games looks like it’s going to be so brilliant and I know I’m never going to get to play it.


  2. Kromas GG

    August 29, 2016 at 08:59

    “Not on;y is it strange to see”

    It is indeed very on;y 😛


  3. DragonSpirit009

    August 29, 2016 at 09:01

    I’ve never played Zelda games but this looks like a relaxing game. Guess it will be one of those “play when you’re bored” kinda games.


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