Lionhead takes leaf out of EA’s book – free content for new copies of Fable III

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In an attempt to combat secondhand sales of their games, EA introduced Project Ten Dollar which means that all EA releases have a single-use code to redeem free online goodies. It worked well with Mass Effect 2 and you ended up getting a substantial amount of free stuff.

Now, Lionhead is set to follow suit as all new copies of Fable III will come packed with a similar single-use code for free downloads over Xbox Live and we assume Games for Windows Live. What do you get for not being a cheapskate and waiting for secondhand?

The free DLC nets you: a Scots outfit (for both male and female characters), a Highlander Tattoo set, a Slow Time potion, Raise The Dead potion and a Red Setter skin for your dog. For those who don’t know their dog breeds, this is a Red Setter:

Yeah, I had to google the breed and thought I’d save you the trouble by posting it here too. Man, aren’t I just the nicest guy? Seriously, you should all buy me stuff.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: October 22, 2010

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