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I like to make fun of Sandy’s weekly unradio show. Of course, I knew one day it would come back to bite me. With Sandra Dee away on some top secret gaming travel, I’ve been asked to fill in for him. So, do that thing where you listen and make me seem really awesome and popular.

First of all, you can listen right here:

You can also call into the studio at: 0861 555 189 or get in touch via WeChat. I will also have my twitter open, so you can feel free to tweet me if you prefer. I know you’re all a bunch of trolls, and it’s more than welcome.

The topics for today will be the Xbox One launch (at last), some upcoming games that look awesome (just so I can gush about Dragon Age, Shadow of Mordor and The Witcher 3) as well as all the drama surrounding Destiny. Oh, and we might through in some random stuff for the WTF element of the show.

Do you guys listen to Cliff Central? Do you want us to do more audio content or are you happy with the uptick in video content thanks to Darryn’s awesomeness? I keep contemplating pushing for us to have a podcast and stuff, but I just wonder if any of you guys would like to hear us talk about stuff or if you just prefer reading our words and seeing our funny faces on video. What are your preferences? I can’t guarantee that we can meet your demands, but we could certainly have fun trying.

Last Updated: September 26, 2014

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