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Listen to Sandy on CliffCentral now

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Sandy looks too smug

Before our lovable new member joined us, he went on auditions and got a show on CliffCentral. That’s right, Alessandro (Sandy to all of us) has a gaming show on un-radio, and you can listen to him now. Or at least, at 15:30.

Sandy talks about all things gaming and even has the beautiful Pippa Tshabalala on his show today. Their big question today – what’s your favourite gaming snack? So, feel free to leave comments here which he will probably ignore because he’s “in the studio”, or you can download WeChat and get into the CliffCentral group and leave messages there. Or, the best and easiest way to troll is to phone: 0861 555 189. Call and ask Sandy all kinds of uncomfortable question on air, or just real ones and make him happy. Either way, you can listen to the show here:

It seems that Sandy is still seeking his perfect mate on air. Do you have some cool and wonderful ideas for who he should bring on. What about the topics and discussions – are you enjoying the discussion or would you like to see different things tackled? Sandy is young and impressionable – what would you like to impress upon him? Also, constructive criticism is welcome so we can wipe that smug look off his face, but we do still sorta like him, so be gentle.

Last Updated: July 4, 2014

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