Catch us talking movies on Cliffcentral: CONCUSSION, ROADHOUSE, BATMAN v SUPERMAN, VACATION

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Too lazy to read? Then click link and listen. You’re welcome.

Every Thursday Kervyn joins the Kellman show on to talk about the latest movies, rumours and other cinematic faire.

This week they discuss Concussion‘s trailer, the new Batman v Superman rumours, the Roadhouse remake, and the movie of the week, Vacation (as well as a questionable ‘breaking news’ bit, but I guess you can’t win them all).

Download the podcast or stream it in the embed below – the segment starts at 14:00.

Last Updated: September 11, 2015


A total movie glutton, nothing is too bad or too obscure to watch, unless it's something like The Human Centipede. If you enjoyed that, there is something wrong with you. But bless you anyway - even video nasties need love...

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