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Little Big Penis. Sigh.

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Humans are slowly starting to prove that time and again, no matter what creation tools are given to us, we will, without a doubt, create something penis shaped with them.

Last week saw the first beta keys for LBP make their way out into the world, which means that some of those filthy humans have been hard at work to create something naughty to giggle about.

Obviously, this video features a penis shaped structure and really, I am starting to get quite tired of these lame gamers making stupid creations such as these.

Spore was absolutely inundated with penis shaped creations as well, proving once again that the human race in general has some moronic level of immaturity amongst the lot of us.

With all of these creative tools coming out, especially when they are looking as fun and interesting as LBP, you would think that we would see amazing creations and the artistic expressions of gamers minds. Unfortunately, it seems that the only thing on a lot of gamers minds at the moment are naughty people parts.

Grow up people.

Last Updated: September 28, 2008

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