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Little Hope, the second entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology, is out in just a few months

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I really hope you got around to playing Man of Medan last year. That game was cool as hell and despite some silly character moments the game achieved its goal of telling a campy ghost story filled with monsters, spooks and actual pirates. It was a wild time and while maybe not as enjoyable or as fully realised as Until Dawn, the PS4 exclusive Supermassive released back in 2015, it was still a great game with some gorgeous animation. Just shy of the first anniversary of Man of Medan, the next entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology has been unveiled as Little Hope and it’s all about witches.

Well, dead witches, I gather. The trailer makes it clear that there’ll be two stories unfolding simultaneously: One focused on the historic events of the town called Little Hope (optimistic bunch who named that) as so-called witch hunters executed and tortured any woman they believed to possess magical abilities, and a modern-day story following a group of university students and their professor as they attempt to escape the haunted town. Little Hope is clearly drawing plenty of parallels to the real-life events of Salem and the barbaric witch trials which destroyed the town hundreds of years ago, it’s just that Little Hope probably does have some actual witches in it. Creative licence and all that.


So a new setting and new characters but still the tried and tested cinematic choice-based adventure most people have come to expect from Supermassive. While we don’t have an exact release date for Little Hope, Eurogamer has reported that the game will be out in “Summer”, so extrapolating that out to us folks in the Southern hemisphere, that’ll be around June to August. What I want to know is whether Little Hope will be sold as a separate game or whether it will be accessible through Man of Medan, lending more credence to the whole “anthology” thing. Whatever the case, I’m excited to see if Supermassive can continue their streak of decent games.

Last Updated: April 15, 2020

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