LittleBigPlanet nominated by LittleBigMolyneux for LittleBigCreativeAward

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littlebigplanet_021LittleBigPlanet, the Playstation 3 exclusive made my Media Molecule, has been nominated by the LittleBigCheese (ok I’ll stop now) of the King of British gaming himself- Peter Molyneux – for the ‘most important creative innovation of 2008’ award in the Creative and Business International Network review of the past year.

He gave Media Molecule a huge e-pat on the back by calling their game “outstanding”.

He went on to say (via 1UP) that “LittleBigPlanet has outstanding creative vision. It’s from a British start-up studio and is one of the defining titles on Japan’s Sony PlayStation 3.”

Having never played LBP, I can’t say if Molyneux is spot-on or not, but from reviews and comments around the Internet – the game deserved this nomination. Also, any favourable comment from Molyneux is an achievement in itself.

Keep it up Media Molecule, just please please please don’t pull an Eidos and kill the franchise in the most horrific fashion further down the line.

Source: 1UP

Last Updated: January 16, 2009

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