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LittleBigPlanet – Why have the gamers forsaken it?

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Please say the poor sales of LBP are just a blip, it’s just because it wasn’t out for very long in October is all and we can expect to see awesome sales throughout the month of November I am sure. Please say that’s the case because I can’t accept that gamers the world over are not taken with Sackboy.

Though going through the latest sales reports it seems that LBP is now dropping and not climbing… In it’s second week in Japan it dropped from 50k to 16 000 units sold and in it’s third week in the US only moved 66k units.

However there is some light at the end of this tunnel for Media Molecule and Sony, this light is the European and Others chart where LBP sold 274 410 in it’s first week and it is yet to be released in all areas. Could it be that this game is going to bomb in Japan and America only to survive in the smaller regions?

However claiming sales of 274k as a great success would be wrong and we really need to take a look at why people are not picking up this game. From browsing the Internet it seems like a lot of people are still sitting on the sidelines and waiting to see what the game is actually about.

The people who like developing levels have picked it up and the rest of the gamers are now waiting to see if the game offers anything else and to be honest the reports coming out don’t suggest that it does.

All we see are stories about custom levels being deleted and slow sales which makes us worry about how many levels will be created?

Sony and MM need to do something quick to save LBP and I would think there best bet would be a mass TV marketing campaign with a great competition included in the game. Make people take a look and then let Sackboy sell himself.

But the other problem is that this game is hugely appealing to casual gamers and kids and neither of those demographics are willing to fork out the expense of a PS3, Sony needs a price cut before Christmas.

Last Updated: November 18, 2008

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