Lobo will be hitting Injustice soon, ya fraggin’ bastiches

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Alright, listen up ya bastiches, because the main man don’t fancy repeatin’ himself! I can speak 17,897 galactic languages an’ I got no idea what you geeks are talkin’ about most of time, wit yer vidjeo gamez and former boxes! What I do know though, is that the last Kazarnian will be showing Superman a thing or two in that Injustice game!


Now lemme fraggin’ ask ya somethin’ brother? Are you ready for the main man? Cause I got a can of whip yer ass in tow, and some new chains that I just broke in on the face of a Rylock Titan if ya ain’t! Feetal’s Giz, I need me a stiff drink fore you nerds rub off on me!

Last Updated: May 8, 2013

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