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Local gamer turned international shoutcaster

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Trevor “qu1ksh0t” Henry is well known in the old school Call of Duty 4 community in South Africa. Having been a driving force behind one of our oldest clans, Big Fat B*stards and a great Call of Duty 4 talent, Henry has left an imprint here and will now do so on the international scene as a League of Legends shoutcaster for Riot Games, creators of the game.

Henry has always had a drive and passion for gaming, and has been involved in competitive gaming for many years. He’s not only had great success with Big Fat B*stards, but was the first gamer to be hired by Incredible Connection with the launch of Gaming Inc. to develop the company’s strategy around gaming. He also captained a mixed team named Qoob, which was the only team from South Africa to compete in the Antwerp eSports Festival in Belgium back in 2010.

After moving abroad, Henry continued his involvement in gaming as a community manager in Berlin, which lead him to his break into shoutcasting.

I was working as a community manager in Berlin and one of the ladies I worked with noticed my love for competitive League of Legends. She mentioned her boyfriend was interested in looking for new blood to try out casting and thought I might fit the bill. So I gave it a shot, tried my hands at casting weekly Go4LoL tournaments hosted by the ESL and with regular content I started to get noticed and asked to shoutcast bigger events with larger prize pools and professional teams. Henry said in an interview on Do Gaming.

Riot is a really awesome company to work for. I only joined the team at the beginning of the year. Riot has simply exploded as far as growth is concerned and they are expanding all around the globe. It is really exciting to be part of such a fast moving company, and one where the higher ups actually have a true passion for their own product. It is really refreshing.

Trevor Henry
From the left: Joe Miller, Trevor Henry

It’s quite clear that when we as South Africans go all out on getting involved in the international eSports scene, we make an impact and become more than just another gamer. The question of whether our community will ever rise to international standards or be involved on a more regular basis can be put to rest now. The answer is yes, we’re getting there. It took us a while, but our future in international gaming is looking pretty good. We currently have two Battlefield 3 teams competing and doing well in international tournaments and will be hosting a StarCraft 2 invitational where local Pro Gamer Robert Botha will face off against Romania’s world class player Nightsend. Not to mention the Dota 2 trials for our Protea team that will be held in early April to take on Romania’s Dota 2 team in an official match. 

Last Updated: February 21, 2013

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