Local indie giving Lazygamer community some love

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There is a Cape Town studio looking for some Greenlight loving. However, rather than just beg, they’ve also reached out specifically to you. Yes, you. Our Lazygamer community is getting special treatment, and a reward.

O3DX is available to all of you a month before the rest of the world, and you even get a discount. Here’s the lowdown direct from Egamea:

We would like to thank the SA gaming community for their tremendous support. Without them testing, collaborating, voting on greenlight and sponsoring our crowd funding, O3DX would not be possible or it would not be nearly such an awesome game. They deserve it and we love South Africans and therefore we would like to offer them a lazy gamer exclusive pre-launch version at a massive discount of 50%. They will also receive two lazygamer exclusive cheatcodes. The cheatcodes are lazyjump and spacejump. (Usage instructions in the download) And the voucher code they have to enter to receive the discount is GimmeLazyO3DX. The link to claim the discount is here. Every steam player that owns the discounted version will also get a FREE steam key once we are greenlit.

It’s all really rather cool, so please head on over and check out the game. I already mentioned this in my Indie Zoe, but Gavin thought that this crew deserved some extra love and attention, and apparently not many of you care about my Indie Zoe. So, go vote on Greenlight and claim your discounts.

Last Updated: November 18, 2014

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