Local loons want games banned

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Errol Naidoo It seems that we have our own local Jack Thompson and he is on a mission to get all games with violent content and music with violent lyrics recalled from local shelves immediately.

Apparently this entire nationwide recall is required because some 16 year old kid dressed up as Joey Jordison, grabbed himself a samurai sword and killed someone.

Error Naidoo, the leader of the Family Policy Institute, has petitioned for the removal due to a similar killing in the States after listening to one of Joey’s songs and then he adds in that someone in Thailand killed someone after playing GTA so all games should be removed as well.

What worries me, apart from the complete lack of logic or point, is that this group appears to be pretty well funded and will most probably waste a nice chunk of tax payers money with this utterly pointless and baseless request.

Good on you Errol, hopefully this raises enough money for your next photo shoot.

Source: GamePolitics

[Thanks PillsburyDeeboy for the tip]

Last Updated: August 27, 2008

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