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Logic is not the same as common sense

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no money So I saw a story this morning asking why console games cost so much more PC games and movies.

Now this is a very valid subject but in a nutshell it’s because the console makers sell the hardware at a loss and make there money from loyalties on games. Where PC game developers don’t pay Dell or anything like that.

However Mark from Second Story Gamer has his own opinion…

Basically the reason for the high price of games is because people don’t think that cheaper games are very good… which makes absolutely no sense what so ever…

Not only that but he is also of the opinion that Sony is the only company who has made any effort to lower the price of hardware… That would be the company that is selling the most expensive console on the market?

So if your not doing to much this morning head on over and see if I completely missed the point…

Source: Second Story Gamer

Last Updated: July 10, 2008

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