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Some guys emailed Take Two pretending that they had downloaded the PC version of GTA IV of some dodgy website…

After a few emails went back and forth they received this one which may have just ruined Rockstars big E3 announcement…


Rockstar and 2K Games are both parts of Take Two Interactive, you have corrected the right company.

The PC version of GTA IV has not even been announced for release and is still in development so is not about to be released on a website we have no knowledge of. Have you got another version of GTA? There are other versions that are available on-line, the list are below, could it be one?
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas

If it’s not one of these and it is (somehow) a Pc version of GTA IV, you can see why we would like to know the website address

Kind Regards

2K (And Rockstar) Games Tech Support

So whats the problem? Well Rockstar had not yet confirmed that GTA IV was going to be making an appearance on the PC in this generation… Some tech support guy is in a whole heap of trouble now…

Source: MaxConsole

Last Updated: July 3, 2008

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