Lollipop Chainsaw Cosplay gallery

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When Lollipop Chainsaw was first teased last year it was pretty obvious that the lead character, Juliet, would quickly become one of the most popular cosplay characters around.

So much so that we are already able to put up a gallery featuring 11 Juliet’s before the game has even been released.

46228 - Juliet_Sterling Lollipop_Chainsaw 46542 - Juliet_Sterling Lollipop_ChainsawAiwLPIQCAAAa-02 lollichain-yaoicon2011-02

my_lollipop_chainsaw_cosplay_by_yusette-d4dsonltumblr_ltjunpSNY31qc4vzdo1_500 tumblr_lu1e4rElbu1qclj94o1_500 tumblr_lxfygh1Hyh1ql5ffro1_500tumblr_lve4knr3pq1qfn8gbo1_500 lollipop_chainsaw_4__ausa_2011_by_mindfall-d4ikf19tumblr_lvcfteHSFG1qfni9go1_500 

So which is your favourite and have you seen better? And if you want to see more of the lovely Danni Low (Final 3 pictures) and Yusette (Pictures 5 & 6), then head on over to their awesome Facebook pages.

Last Updated: January 11, 2012

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