Look at all the lovely new Destiny loot you can’t have

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Destiny is about safeguarding humanity, uncovering the lost secrets of our golden age and fighting back against the McDarkness that threatens to to engulf our species and snuff it out once and for all. It’s also all about the loot, which is infinitely more important, something that most number-crunchers can agree on with me. Here’s a look at all the lovely new potential gear on the way back into the game.

Destiny briefly brought back the Iron Banner PvP event, which has now been removed, suggesting it went live a little prematurely.  It’s all about carrying over your sort of but not actually single-player numbers to the more-multiplayer side of the game, with bounties such as these available:

  • Anvil of Light – Kill 50 guardians with IB emblem, shader and class item equipped
  • Iron Embrace – 20 melee kills
  • Rise Above – Finish with the highest score
  • Exacting Measures – 15 headshot sprees
  • Chaos and the Calm – 30 machine gun headshot kills
  • Heavy Metal – 15 machine gun sprees

Complete them, and you’ll nab some trendy new sigils and shaders:

  • Million Million shader
  • Gold Spiral shader
  • Sigil of the Iron Lords
  • Sigil of the Radegast

Which will then lead to you being able to grab loot such as this gear, via VG247:

loooooot (2)

loooooot (4)

loooooot (1)

Oh yeah baby, look at dem numbers.

Last Updated: November 4, 2014

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