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I’m not usually one for posting about Box art, because that’s barely news. I can’t avoid it this time, because the released box art for Insomiac’s FUSE – once called Overstrike – makes my point for me.

Here’s what the game covers will look like:


And compare them to this:


Notice anything? Yup, their heads are all chopped off – removing any semblance of personality from the main characters, just as the new, more serious and wholly uninspired art direction rips all the personality from what looked to be a charming action romp in Overstrike.

They’re a faceless bunch of drones – and based on the cover, I’d imagine it to be little more than a poor Mass effect rip-off. The change in direction came about because the developers – and the people in suits – actually give a damned what 12 year old gamers think – and those gamers though Overstrike looked too childish.

“Maybe it was going to appeal to gamers who, we thought at the time, might be in their late teens. The industry’s changed quite a bit… We would focus test the game in front of a lot of gamers, and get their opinion. These are people that regularly play PlayStation 3 and Xbox games. We started to discover that everyone thought this was a game for their younger brother. We would hear this from 12-year-olds. So we decided that we needed to make a game that had an older appeal,” Insomniac Creative Director Brian Allgeier said.

It’s a decision, I think, that could end up with FUSE fading away in to obscurity.

Last Updated: November 28, 2012

Geoffrey Tim

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