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Look at this box I got from Sony…

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One of the perks of this job – and it really doesn’t happen all that frequently – is that we sometimes get some pretty impressive, original, or interesting press kits. As I said, it doesn’t happen very often, but it did today.

Here’s a box I got from Sony’s local distributor. What’s in it?


Opening it up, it’s just a box full of games, with some pictures of some happy people on the side.


Folding the box according to instructions, leaves you with this; a box with a fuzzily carpeted, empty mini room – but his is where it begins to get interesting. According to the instructions, there’s an augmented reality iOS app that works in conjunction with the whole set up, changing the empty blue room in to this :


Sweet! An augmented reality gaming room – with the “TV” scrolling through the games in the press pack. You can also change the design of your lounge with a simple button press.
Pressing the screen itself takes you to a youtube trailer for whichever games was shown on the screen at the time.


Here are the games that it came with; all of them, if you haven’t guessed already, related to PlayStation Move.


The games are; Start the Party : Save the World; Move Mind Benders; Move Fitness; Medieval Moves; LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Pack; Dancestar Party; Eyepet & Friends; Carnival Island and After Hours Athletics. I quite like the PlayStation Move. It’s by far the most accurate of the currently available motion control systems – it just suffers from the same problems as the 3DS; cool hardware supported by very, very few games. IT looks like that’s changing – because I now have Move games coming out of my ears. I do have to ask though…where the heck is Sorcery?

I’m supremely impressed by this press pack; it’s clever, original and inventive – and I sincerely hope that Move games in the future follow suit.

Last Updated: November 2, 2011

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