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Looking for a good deal on some Blu-Ray (PS3) stands?

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We rarely ever post about that anything that isn’t directly related to gaming and I can’t remember if we have ever posted about furniture before.

Especially non-mechanised furniture, but this is a little different.

One of the guys over at the local PS3 forums has had enough of the stupid Blu-Ray case design, you know the one that doesn’t fit into any standard disc racks, well in a stroke of genius he has decided to build his own custom Blu-Ray (PS3 Game) disc racks and you know what, they actually look good.

I haven’t seen one first hand yet but the forum is going pretty nuts over them and the guy who makes them asked me if I wouldn’t mind posting up a quickie about them so here it is.

They will set you back R400 for the 40 disc holder and R270 for the 20 which is incredibly good value. Delivery will set you back between R60 and R110 and includes delivery directly to your door.

You can check out all the pictures over at the forum or if you just want to order them right away send an email to [email protected]

BluRayRack2 BluRayRack3

And there you have it, not really gaming related but hopefully just a little helpful.

Last Updated: February 18, 2010

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