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Looks like a new Xbox One controller is on the way

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The PlayStation 4’s Dual Shock controller may be the fanciest piece of input technology in this generation of gaming, but the Xbox One still beats it hands down (heh) with a piece of hardware that is just brilliant. And by brilliant, I mean ergonomically comfortable, structurally solid and featuring vibrating triggers that have made contact with my nipples on numerous occasions. It could be better however, and maybe that’s what we’ll be getting later this year as Microsoft has begun a slight redesign of that controller.

Microsoft has leaked out details on a new controller, with features that’ll “only available on controllers released after June 2015” according to a post on the Xbox Support website via Eurogamer. The new feature of course, being an industry standard 3.5mm headphone jack at the base of the pad. In other words, Microsoft just made as what Geoff refers to quite often, a “Darryn-proof” controller.

X1 redesign

And there’s a good reason for that. Because thanks to my idiocy, I’ve managed to completely break my first Xbox One controller. It was a dark and stormy night, when fate had me roped in to join a few games of Sunset Overdrive last year. Naturally, I wanted to talk to my fellow journos who were also all preparing to give the game a bash online. But for some reason, I just couldn’t fit my headset into the controller. In a true case of “that’s what she said” the damn thing just didn’t fit, and in a moment of pure monkey-rage,I tried hammering the headset in with my desk.

And I completely dislodged parts inside the controller. Yes, go ahead and laugh. I deserve it. Which is why I’m looking forward to a slightly redesigned Xbox One controller then.

Last Updated: May 28, 2015

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