Looks like Blizzard are teasing a new hero for Hearthstone

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Will it be this guy... hmmmm... and yes I know this picture is from Heroes of the Storm xD

For a game that has only been out for a little over a year, Hearthstone sure has received a lot of extra content. We’ve seen new stuff in the form of Curse of Naxxramas, Goblins vs Gnomes, and Blackrock Mountain – all of which added dozens of extra cards to the already extensive library. Now for the first time, we might be seeing the addition of… a new hero?

It seems that way. Who or what it is though is anybody’s guess. Here’s the teaser from Blizzard over on their Hearthstone twitter account:

Well isn’t it obvious? It’s a Murloc! Short, ferocious… how can it be anything else. No? Alright fine, we need more to go on. Here’s more detail on the character taken from the Hearthstone blog:

An imposing, broad-shouldered figure lingered at the door. Patrons squinted, their eyes adjusting to the light as they tried to make out the newcomer. Hesitation brought with it a mild tension as for a brief moment, no one moved or spoke.

The innkeeper’s warm, hearty laugh echoed throughout the common room as he gestured the newcomer inside, breaking the sudden silence. The patrons laughed along with his infectious guffaw. Mugs were hefted high, and cries of challenge were shouted, clamoring to be heard.

I concede that the average Murloc isn’t broad-shouldered, or even imposing. Based on all the evidence above, this new character must be a Dwarf. What purpose will they serve in the game though?

As pointed out by PC Gamer, the teaser has a silhouette identical to that of a hero portrait. It also has the icon for warrior class. Lastly, the alt text is “HeroTeaser01_HS_FB_CK_500x500.jpg”.

While I myself think this all points to a brand new class (ie one with its own cards and ability), others speculate that it may be purely cosmetic – serving as an alternate to the default warrior class.  If it’s the former, I’d love to know how it will fit in with the other 9 classes. I don’t know how Blizzard will keep everything balanced!

What do you think? Is this a brand new class, or is it something purely cosmetic?

Last Updated: June 4, 2015

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