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Looks like Rocksteady won’t be revealing a Superman game this week

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Superman (2) (2)

Just what is Rocksteady going to reveal at the Game Awards this week? A Superman and Batman game under the title of World’s Finest? A modified version of Hitman where you play as Lex Luthor and have to sneak pieces of Kryptonite into items such as Clark Kent’s coffee or Lois Lane’s lipstick? Heck, could we even be getting the most requested game of all time, Bat-Mite: ArkhaMyxyzpytlyk Asylum?

How about, and hold on to your butts here…Nothing?

According to the Bat-horse’s mouth themselves, that’s exactly what you can expect to see at this week’s Game Awards from Rocksteady. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Rocksteady game director and co-founder Sefton Hill hit up the ol’ Twitter over the weekend to address the rumours that the studio was working on Superman, saying that not only was the studio’s next game not being shown at the event, but that it wasn’t a Superman game either:

Oh super-poo. Well that’s my jumping castle deflated. Still, that doesn’t mean that fans aren’t certain of something along the tights and capes route being in Rocksteady’s current workload, with many internet detectives believing that the Arkham studio is working on a Justice League game that flexes the entire might of Earth’s mightiest super friends.

Hopefully that f***ing Marvin White doesn’t make the roster cut. Screw that guy and his stupid cape. The dog was alright though, even if it basically was ersatz Scooby Doo. Anyway, Game Awards this week, no Rocksteady and I’m currently taking bets as to what Rocksteady is really working on. What, you want to bet R100 that it’s Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew?

I’ll give you 10:1 on that bet.

Last Updated: December 3, 2018

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