Looks like ZombiU is coming to the Xbox One afterall

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Last year, during the December break, Geoff was kind enough to lend me his Wii U. I thought, “what a swell guy, letting me experience all these games I would’ve otherwise missed! How could this kind act ever have an ulterior motive?” And then it happened. He refused to take back his console until I finished ZombiU… that bastard! Looking back now though, I’m grateful – Ubisoft’s horror title is one of the best I’ve ever experienced, and one I would’ve otherwise missed if not for Geoff’s insistence. I wish more people would play it, but with the Wii U basically being dead, it’s not something that will happen. Thankfully, it looks like a port of some sort is happening – if this new listing is to be believed.

Though this has been rumoured already, there has been zero confirmation. An Australian classification may have let the cat out of the bag a little early (Destructoid via GoNintendo):


The title appears to be renamed Zombi (dropping the obligatory U for Nintendo’s console), and is set to arrive on the Xbox One. It will probably arrive on the Playstation 4 too.

I really hope this all true, and that ZombiU is indeed receiving a proper port. My only concern lies in the controller scheme and certain gameplay mechanics. The original game was built around the Wii U GamePad. and it made use of it magnificently.

How will it play without a secondary screen though? A Playstation version could possibly make use of Vita integration, but even that is a tall ask, as not everybody owns Sony’s handheld. I fear that some of the game’s original charm may be lost.

That being said, if Ubisoft can find a way to make it work, I will be happy. ZombiU deserves to be played by many more people!

Last Updated: June 22, 2015

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