Lopunny, Altaria and Salamence get new mega-evolutions in Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby

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Hey, before we close out Friday, I need to speak with you guys. As a Jigglypuff Witness, I want to ask you if you’ve accepted the teachings of Professor Oak into your life, and got Wigglytuff with it? Ignore all this nonsense about Mega-Evolution! Only the mighty Arceus is fit to evolve certain Pokémon, and they most certainly aren’t mega! Join the Jigglypuff Witnesses today!

Crazed rantings aside, there most certainly are a few new evolutions on the way for Pokemon when the remakes for Alpha and Sapphire arrive. Lopunny and Altaria are getting new stat-boosted looks, while it appears that Salamence is getting a speedy Mega-Evolution upgrade. Corocoro Magazine via AGB, has the images. Click to embiggen:


Let’s examine, shall we?


If you’ve fought a high-level Altaria before, you’ll know that they’re absolute bastards to bring down, thanks to a superb defense wherein their dragon-type half can shrug off most electric attacks, a weakness of the Flying-type Pokemon. I’d put easy money on Mega-Alteria having an even more ridiculous boost to defense, when you activate the evolution mechanism.


Lopunny isn’t exactl on everybody’s to-catch list, but as one of the few Normal-type Pokemon who get to mega-evolve, expect that to change. Fun fact: Lopunny appears to be a caricature of a Playboy Bunny, although I might have just made that all up, so sit down Furries.


Last up, we have what appears to be a new Salamence mega-evolution. That Pokemon had a terrific defense and attack, but this form will most likely raise its speed up to whole new levels of ridiculous/plaid. And hopefully not boomerang back on players, judging by that wing-shape. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby is out later this year, in case you’ve got an itch to mega-evolve ’em all.

Last Updated: August 8, 2014

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