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Lords of the Fallen is getting a Game of the Year Edition. Why?

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Who really decides what “Game of the Year” is? Each publication seems to have its own awards, giving the mostly worthless award to different games. Sure, some awards are a little more official than others – but they all come down to the opinions of a select few judges. Game of the Year is a silly, pointless accolade that does little more than make marketing and PR people happy, and then let publishers re-release games with all of the game’s DLC stapled on. How meaningless is it? Well, apparently Deck 13’s action RPG Lords of the Fallen is getting a Game of the year edition.

If you haven’t played it, Lords of the Fallen is an action RPG made in the vein of Dark Souls. It’s really just in the vein though – or perhaps in vain – because though it showed a lot of potential, it just wasn’t up to the standard of the game that very obviously inspired it. It wasn’t terrible – but it certainly wasn’t game of the year.

According to German site Playfront.de, Lords of the Fallen is getting a GOTY edition, which will feature the game and all of its DLC.

Contents of the Game of the Year Edition:

  • Lords of the Fallen game
  • Ancient Labyrinth Add-On
  • Demonic Weapons Pack DLC
  • Lionheart Pack DLC
  • The Monk’s Decipher-DLC

In our review, Umar said: “Lords of the Fallen provides players with a solid experience and fun combat system, but it never provides enough reason to care about anything else. It’s a shame as the game does have a lot of potential. With a little more polish and tweaks done to the story and balance, Lords of the Fallen could be a great title. Right now though, it isn’t.”

Last Updated: May 20, 2015

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