Los Santos by night shows GTA’s attention to detail

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I haven’t played the “new gen” remaster of Grand Theft Auto V on the new consoles yet, because time and money are not things I have in abundance. I’m going to have to scrape up the cash and the hours though, because I’ll be damned if that remaster hasn’t brought Los Santos to life.

Rockstar’s incredible attention to detail shines through in this painstakingly created short film, showing off the night life you’ll find in GTA V’s faux Los Angeles. The short,  created by The XXI from a bunch of console footage captures the sort of night-life you’re probably too busy ignoring while you shoot the place up. It’s magical. I sincerely hope the PC version comes with some sort of video editing tool, or one gets modded in so we can see more of this.

Last Updated: December 3, 2014

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