Lost Planet 2 Announced

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Capcom and Microsoft have recently been teasing us about an upcoming game that was going to be announced today…

Well the game has been released and it is Lost Planet 2, lost in the Jungle.

Okay maybe it’s more than just a jungle but the press releases haven’t arrived yet so I am just working off the pictures floating around the Internet and the trailer that is on Xbox Live.

You can download it now but it’s coming in at a whopping 435Mb which is a bit harsh for a game that to be honest I wasn’t blown away with in the first place.

We do however know it’s going to include co-op play and a Gears/Uncharted cover system.

Keep an eye out for this one, I have a feeling the hype is going to be nuts around this.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: February 23, 2009

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