Lots (and lots) of people are playing LittleBigPlanet 2!

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Media Molecule’s Play.Create.Share sequel has pretty much only just been released, and already it’s destroyed the userbase records set by the original. According to the studio it’s "massively outstripped" the number of concurrent users the first game saw.

"Because we had the awesome beta, fan reaction we know about and we’ve had time to respond to. Now we’re just excited to see how big it gets – how many people we’re going to get," Media Molecule co-founder and technical director David Smith said to Eurogamer.

"The user count is actually quite crazy – we’ve already massively outstripped our LBP1 record for total users online at once. And that’s just with North America and a few other territories. “I think some people [at Sony] would be waving certain things at me if I gave the actual numbers, but it’s significantly higher.”

"In the next few days we might even double the number of users online at once," he added. "Perhaps – let’s see how it goes. "That’s pretty major. It’s not a stealth launch: there’s a lot of people out there that seem to be waiting for it."

The game really seems to have struck a chord with PS3 gamers; it topped the UK software charts, outselling former Xbox 360 exclusive Mass Effect 2, which charted at number 7. I can’t give LittlebigPlanet2 enough praise. It’s pretty incredible as a game in its own right, but shines even brighter as a toolset and outlet to create games and experiences, especially for those without development chops.

Source : Eurogamer

Last Updated: January 24, 2011

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