LucasArts to Bring New IP to XBLA

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LucasArts have been in the news quite a bit lately, particularly because they’ve chosen to re-release most of their halcyon hits as downloadable titles. In addition to that, it seems they may have a brand-new IP in store for Xbox Live Arcade users. Yeah, you read that right. A game from Lucasarts that ISN’T tied to the Star Wars universe.

The game in question, Lucidity, is apparently a side-scrolling adventure game, albeit an idiosyncratic one. Instead of controlling Sofi – The game’s protagonist – directly, you’ll place certain objects in the environment that the autonomous, independent heroine interacts with. On paper, that sounds a heck of a lot like Lemmings and Eets : Chowdown.

The game follows Sofi as she looks for her Grandmother – apparently inside her own head. Trippy.
No release dates or pricing available yet, because this is just a rumour – as far as LucasArts are concerned it doesn’t exist. Yet.

Source : Joystiq

Last Updated: July 9, 2009

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