Machinima short film is everything I want Mirrors Edge 2 to be

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If you’ve never heard of Gary’s Mod for Half Life 2, it’s basically a mod environment type-thing that allows people to mess around and do whatever they want.

While I did nothing more than creating some huge spinning tyre thing with trolleys falling on it, some people take tools like that and make incredible creations from them. This short machinima is called Jackknife Chronicles, and takes place in a setting where Aperture Corporation have become the big evil baddies and follows a character from Mirror’s Edge as he tries to rescure his wife.

It looks awesome and looks like it would make a great game as well. Come on EA, this is what I want Mirror’s Edge to be like. Check the film and a story summary after the jump, it’s pretty impressive.

Aperture Corporation has won an election over the Combine forces in City 17. In order to expand their business to a larger scale, they chose to take over different sections of the city, evacuating all citizens of the section to build their headquarters. All citizens who resist shall be either apprehended or killed.

Jacknife seeks revenge on this corporation. He saw his wife get brutally beaten and arrested by a secret agency under the Aperture Corporation because she resisted to evacuate with all the others. It is now his mission, his life, and his goal, to save his wife under the clutches of Aperture, and put an end to the one who’s responsible for all of this.

Part action, part free running, part thriller, comes a unique storytelling adventure told without any real dialogue.

Last Updated: August 24, 2010

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