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Mad Max gets a vaguely interactive trailer

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Mad Max is coming and please stop comparing it to the movie. Yes, apparently everyone wants to rub engine grease in their hair now, but the game is sort of different. I mean, you explore a barren wasteland and try to save the world in some weird way, but it’s totally different. Kind of. You play as a man, that’s what matters, right?

The latest Mad Max trailer is supposed to let you choose your own adventure, letting you take on baddies however you like. I just wish that they had divided up the video so that clicking was a bit more satisfying:

I can attest that you can take all manner of paths to success in the game. I took out a convoy when I had hands on with the game earlier this year primarily by harpooning every piece of the car apart. It was sort of maniacally OCD fun. I also liked staying far away when I softened the perimeter for the base – I sniped just about everyone and everything so that I could just walk on through the front gates with minimal resistance. But, that’s my preferred gameplay style, and I love how the game allows for players to take on each challenge in any way that will titillate them.

Mad Max is launching oh so soon, and was one of my sleeper titles of the year. Much like Shadow of Mordor, it simply wasn’t on my radar until E3, and now I’m a little too excited to kill everything in the open desert world. Are you also all aboard the hype train for this, or will you wait for reviews and a guaranteed successful PC port?

Last Updated: August 18, 2015

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