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Mad Max – Vehicle location guide

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Mad Max (5)

If you don’t have wheels in the wasteland, you’re deader than my chances of ever being mistaken for a normal-sized person. Mad Max is a game that is heavy on the crazy nitro, with many a vehicle just waiting to be discovered and unleashed on the Fury Road.

There are dozens of vehicles out there, waiting to be claimed. To do so, you’ve got to either steal them, fix them or find them. And they’re totally worth the risk. Vehicles come with their own benefits, such as extra Scrap generation, minefield immunity and heavy armour for even heavier fights.

But the main method of getting your hands on a new steering wheel, involves tackling Death Runs, car-centric missions with big rewards. I’m just scratching the tip of this iceberg, so keep an eye on the guide as I’ll update as I go along. WITNESS ME!

Armoured Crusher

Death Run Location: Summit of the Mighty

Armoured Spotter

Death Run: Craggy Crew


Unlock location: North East area of the Death Ruin race in the Blackmaws.
Death Run: The Reconvene

Mad Max (4)

Big Chief Chariot

Death Run: Tricky Pass

Chum’s Buggy

Unlock location: Complete the Chum’s Wasteland quest at Jeet’s stronghold.
Death Run: Summit of the Mighty

Demented Chariot

Death Run: The Reconvene


Unlock location: In the Gutgash territory, from a random patrol
Death Run: Heat Haze


Death Run: Pothole Ridge

Crow’s Caller

Death Run: Broken Pipes


Death Run: Heat Haze

Drop Kicker

Death Run: Pothole Ridge

Mad Max (2)

Fire Raider

Death Run: Even RIP


Death Run: Pothole Ridge

Golden Tuska

Death Run: Crazy Racy


Death Run: Buckle Down

Heavy Armoured Crusher

Death Run: Tricky Pass

Heavy Armoured Spotter

Death Run: Barrelling-Barrows


Death Run: Barrelling-Barrows

Kaboom Bug

Death Run: Valley of Dust


Death Run: Valley of Dust

Mad Max (1)

Metal Grinder

Unlock location: Near the vantage outpost that is south-east of Gutgash’s stronghold
Death Run: Neck Snappin’

Plate Speedsta

Death Run: Craggy Crew


Death Run: Buckle Down


Death Run: Corner Cut


Unlock: Jeet’s stronghold, north camp


Death Run: Neck Snappin’

Mad Max (3)


Unlock: Can be found around the vantage outpost in the Grit Canyons
Death Run: Corner Cut


Unlock location: Colossus. On the north-west roads of the vantage outpost in Colossus
Death Run: Crazy Racy


Unlock location: On the roads outside Jeet’s Stronghold
Death Run: Broken Pipes

The Twelve

Death Run: Mortal Bite

Toughnut Speedsta

Death Run: Mortal Bite

Last Updated: September 2, 2015


  1. This game seems fun, non-nonsensical fun like games should be, unlike that overhyped crouching with an eye-patch simulator


    • 40 Insane Frogs

      September 2, 2015 at 19:18

      Praise be unto the Petrol gods young Fox! Always live life in the correct gear!

      PS: I don’t care what the fun-hating career reviewers say, this game rocks! I just unlocked and built the Jack, and it’s awesome!


  2. Admiral Chief Returns

    September 2, 2015 at 15:19




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