Madworld is most likely going to be a flop

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mad world

There has been a lot of hype building around the new Nintendo Wii hardcore title Madworld but unfortunately I have a horrible feeling this game is going to flop terribly, and I have backing for this feeling.

You see Madworld is already notorious for it’s over the top violence, excessive amounts of gore and some truly awesome effects of blood splatter… which makes the game sound like it’s going to be absolutely awesome. 

One of it’s redeeming features is that is has people like Jack Thompson running around declaring the end of the world for Nintendo for bowing to these sorts of games.. so why am I worried?

It ws reported this morning that the incredibly idiotic rating board down in Australia has approved the game for general retail. With a MA15+ rating on it.. this would be the same board that banned Fallout 3, GTA IV and a ton of other decent games that were rated as to mature for their population.

So what does this say for Madworld? That it really isn’t very mature or violent after all… that leaves it with nothing, after all it’s only the violence that made this game stand out.

Last Updated: January 19, 2009

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