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Mafia III wants you to know how hard life is for Lincoln Clay

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Mafia 3 explores Lincoln Clay 2

The Mafia titles have always provided an entertaining look at the inner works of the Mafia structure, but with the third entry into the series it’s aiming to tackle a lot more than that. Lincoln Clay, the title’s mixed race protagonist, will allow players to experience a side of society that the majority of them never have. As Lincoln survives in the racially tense New Orleans just after Vietnam, it’s clear that he’s not had the most perfect life. A fact Hanger 13 want to drive home.

Although a trailer that less than a minute long probably isn’t the best way to achieve that. Despite that, it offers a neat little round-up on why Lincoln is set on  a warpath for revenge, detailing some of the big landmarks in his life that twisted his character. Having to deal with Vietnam and racism is one thing, but Lincoln is truly tipped over the edge when the Mafia murders the only family he had after the war. And it’s why their in his crosshairs in Mafia III.

Obviously the game itself is expected to flesh out this backstory in a lot more detail, and really sell us on the fact that this Lincoln Clay is making rational decisions based on his experiences (well, to a degree). I’m mostly interested in how Mafia III brings together his three partners in crime, who we’ve already seen can get on each others nerves enough to break up the band.

There’s a lot of fertile, emotional ground that Hanger 13 has to work with here, and it’s been clear from the start that their biggest focus is contextualising Lincoln within the world he’s set in. I feel like Mafia III is going to have a lot to say about social issues that plague the USA still today (and most of the world in fact), which could compound the impact game’s message in a way even its developers might not have expected.

It’s out on October 7th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Last Updated: July 20, 2016

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