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MAG website goes live

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It’s obviously the season for teasers as the next big title to join the rush is MAG with it’s strangely compelling map of the world with radio chatter in 3 distinct spots.

Actually it’s only compelling until you find out that all you can do is hover over 3 parts of the globe and listen to hectic battle sounds. The three spots being Alaska, Columbia (?) and Eastern Europe.

If you click on these spots a factions logo will flicker on the screen and then a quick flash of some sort of action also appears but then that’s it.

Hopefully it’s going to be like the Bioshcok 2 website where new things are added all the time though.

You can check it out at http://us.playstation.com/mag/

Last Updated: April 8, 2009

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  1. koldFU5iON

    April 8, 2009 at 16:28

    also if you listen carefully there’s morse code in the background… I’m no good at it but I’m pretty sure that means something and if someone can figure it … :ninja:


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