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Magic the Gathering: Path to Victory

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If you have ever played a game of Magic against me, you have probably felt the sting of my white weenie deck. If you have, you will probably like this intro pack. If not, you probably have no idea what the hell I am on about. Let me clarify. Imagine waves of tiny creatures advancing over your foes, helping each other become a lethal fighting force. This is exactly what Path to Victory is all about.

This deck centres around getting lots of creatures on the board, especially soldiers. Many of the cards provide extra value by creating multiple creatures. Attended Knight brings her squire along for the fight, giving you three power spread across two bodies. Captain’s Call gives you three soldiers for four mana, either for use as a cheap source of blockers or to prepare for your onslaught. The non-foil rare in the deck, Captain of the Watch, not only gives you three soldiers when she enters the battlefield, but she makes all of your soldiers a lot better.

Attended Knight Captain's Call Captain of the Watch

Now what does one do with this massive army of small creatures? An attack may not be fruitful, considering the high number of casualties you might suffer. That is where Odric, Master Tactician comes into play. This swift striking soldier can swing a battle in your favour. Attack with him and at least three other creatures and you get to decide how your opponent blocks in that combat. The advantage here ranges from making their largest creature or horde of tokens not block at all, allowing you to get some damage in on your opponent, to making them block with creatures they would normally keep out of combat. Make their creatures with abilities block something you control that is slightly bigger, meaning that not only will you have more creatures than them, but they will slowly start losing their creature based advantages. To add to their frustration, the Courtly Provocateur can force a creature to attack or to block, forcing them into harm’s way. If you prefer your enemy doesn’t make use of their creatures at all, Downpour can buy you a turn of safety, or get their dangerous blockers out of the way.

Odric, Master Tactician Courtly Provocateur Downpour

If you enjoy the human aspect of the deck, you can’t go wrong by adding a Champion of the Parish. This guy gets absolutely massive if he is left unanswered. To take full advantage of all your cards that have an effect when entering the battlefield, or to protect them from harm, the power of Cloudshift cannot be overstated. Cast this on an Attended Knight who has been targeted with a removal spell and watch your knight not only dodge the spell, but summon another 1/1 soldier when she returns to the battlefield. If you really enjoy the token strategy, why not look at cards like Intangible Virtue to get your creatures fighting fit a bit earlier in the game?

Champion of the Parish Cloudshift Intangible Virtue

Main Deck

60 cards

Evolving Wilds
16  Plains

25 lands
Ajani’s Sunstriker
Arctic Aven
Attended Knight
Battleflight Eagle
Captain of the Watch
Courtly Provocateur
Crusader of Odric
Faerie Invaders
Griffin Protector
Healer of the Pride
Odric, Master Tactician
Serra Angel
Silvercoat Lion

25 creatures

Captain’s Call
Divine Verdict
Glorious Charge
Oblivion Ring
Ring of Thune
Safe Passage
Tricks of the Trade

10 other spells

The splash of blue in this deck adds lots of options and advantages and I think Wizards is trying to showcase that using another colour can really improve your deck’s strategies and flexibility. Remember that Intro Packs come with two boosters and are in stores now. Any questions or suggestions? Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail.

Last Updated: July 30, 2012

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