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Mainstream media says Harmonix should make a shooter. Wait, what?

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Business magazine Fast Company, citing inside expert advice, believes Rock Band and Dance Central developer Harmonix has pretty much been sitting on its ass since the Guitar Hero days – and in order to stay afloat in this stagnant, but cut-throat world of video games, they should make a shooter game.

The hell?

The problem? Ask the short-form online piece of a possibly much more extensive magzine article; “The firm behind Guitar Hero hasn’t done much since, and consumers are losing interest in disc-based video games.”
”Spend whatever it takes to create the world’s first immersive shoot-’em-up, where gamers move their bodies to take cover,” suggests Fast Company as a solution.

“It’s bound to happen,” says Marc Nesbitt, their “expert,” a former video-game producer, “and Harmonix has a head start with Kinect technology.” I’s startlingly odd advice for company whose first focus is on music. It’s especially odd considering the mentioned Marc Nesbitt was actually Dance Central’s senior producer when he was still working for MTV games. Heh, suits.

If mainstream media knows this little about video games (which, arguably, are mainstream enough these days) aren’t you at all concerned about how little they know about everything else they report on?

Harmonix’s next big game, Dance Central 2 for Xbox 360 and Kinect is set for release this month. It’s not a shooter.

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Last Updated: October 21, 2011

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