Majesco Announces Gardening Mama

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Set for release in April 2009, this Cooking Mama spin-off has found a brand new way to emasculate male gamers. I played the original Cooking Mama (Don’t you judge me!) on DS and actually rather enjoyed it (Stop judging me!).

According to the press release “Cooking Mama’s stepped out of her kitchen and into the backyard for some gardening fun with Mother Nature! Join Mama from the award-winning, multi-million selling Cooking Mama franchise as she grows, harvests and enjoys a huge variety of fruits, vegetables and flowers in the first ever gardening game.”

Seems like Majesco have never heard of Viva Pinata.

Can you contain YOUR excitement? I know I can’t.

Full list of features after the jump!

• Everyone’s favourite Mama from the best-selling Cooking Mama series stars in the brand’s first offshoot and the first ever gardening game on Nintendo DS
• Gameplay in Gardening Mama is very similar to Cooking Mama gameplay-use the stylus as your master garden tool to nurture 35 different flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. Plant, water, fertilize, prune, eliminate pests and then harvest what you’ve grown!
• Growing live products means that you may experience unexpected results based on your care—flowers can bloom different colours, fruit trees can grow different fruits, etc.
• Multiple modes of play include:
• Let’s Get Growing!—Grow a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables in your various gardens. Manage your gardens as they seed, bloom, bear fruit and mature.
• Decorate the Garden!—Decorate your flower garden with various fences, pots, flowers and more by earning bonuses to unlock new decorations.
• Make it Fancy! —Dress up Mama by changing her outfits, glasses, hair and accessories with unlocked bonuses.
• Cute Treasure Chest—Keep the products you’ve made from your garden and trade those creations with friends online.
• Let’s Play Together—Compete against up to four friends online to harvest fruits and vegetables. The winner harvests the most!

Source : Majesco Press Release

Last Updated: February 11, 2009

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