Make it Rain brings in mobile cash

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Make it rain

It’s hard to tell what will make mobile gamers turn into whales. How can you tell if your game will be the next Candy Crush or Flappy Bird? Well, it’s time to add Make it Rain to that category – it is raining money for the developers.

In a weird mix between Cookie Clicker and Flappy Bird, Make it Rain sees you swiping for cash, buying investments and raking in some serious cash. Here is a gameplay trailer for those who are interested in watching someone else play this silly sounding game:

Okay, that really just felt like watching someone else play Cookie Clicker. So, how well is the game doing? According to Venture Beat, these guys are making $50k. Every day. The game debuted in April and has already made it rain one million downloads. Making cash from advertising and in-game purchases (including cards to grant you immunity from FBI investigations), the developers are raking it in faster than players can swipe.

The game is available for free on Android and iOS, bringing the OCD joy to mobile. I just can’t imagine spending hours of my life playing this game. I already wasted far too much time with Cookie Clicker, which at least was weird and wonderful. This game just seems so dry and humorless – where are the granny revolts or sentient cookies? If this can bring in $50k per day, it’s no wonder developers thought this was the future of gaming. We’ll see how long the fad lasts, but for now I’m going to go play a real game and save my rapid swiping abilities for something else.

Last Updated: May 20, 2014

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